About Us

Launched in April 2018 by Archana Makhija, Purrple Clouds was born of a need to contribute style, comfort and sharp doses of fun, into the Indian shoe market. The label is all about having fun, with an unwavering eye on comfort.
Archana, who is a Chartered Accountant, had a flourishing career in private equity with Morgan Stanley India. Archana worked on the investing side - meeting several companies, learning about different businesses. This led her to a keen interest in entrepreneurship.
At the same time, she has always been interested in the fashion world, advising friends and family on their fashion choices! But when it came to buying great shoes in India, she always found herself struggling. It always entailed compromising on at least one of these - quality, style or comfort.
A eureka moment led her to the pursuit of Purrple Clouds and after some initial work and lot of courage, she took the leap of faith and quit her job at Morgan Stanley in 2017.
Jumping through the hoops of a new industry bore its fair share of blood, sweat and tears! Archana willed herself up to the challenge and months of repeated cycles of liaising, travelling, sourcing and sampling finally led to September 2017, and the first lot of Purrple Clouds shoes!  
What you will find as a result of this passionate and determined journey, are shoes that are good for work and others that are good for play, but most importantly, shoes that will never compromise on comfort. Every piece is handcrafted, hand embroidered, cushioned and made from soft leather. Our shoes are colourful, creative and inspired by what we love – equal parts quirk and class!